The skin provides a wide field of study for clinical trials in dermatology

Despite being the largest organ we often forget the skin is there. We tend to think more of the different areas of the skin, the face, limbs but conditions that effect the skin effect it equally all over.

The work of dermatology clinical trials has plenty of areas to focus on. Conditions that effect the skin range from the very serious and life threatening such as cancer to the cosmetic such as acne. Not only are there numerous ailments and illnesses that affect the skin but there are phenomena such as ageing that create whole areas of research of their own. Investigating these phenomena and testing products designed to counter them requires a lot of clinical research.

In Ireland in particular, skin conditions pose a particular problem. They represent the fourth most common reason for patients to visit their GP. In Ireland, the most common form of cancer is skin cancer.

The last two decades have seen a steady increase in a number of different skin diseases including eczema, leg ulcers and skin cancer. As much of a third of Irish people are thought to suffer from a dermatological condition at any one time.

Because of these high rates of skin conditions Java Clinical Research have developed substantial experience carrying out dermatology clinical trials in this population.

Java CR works with the clinical researchers based at the Charles Institute. The Charles Institute was established in University College Dublin to focus solely on dermatological studies in Ireland. The institute was developed with a €18 million investment and the idea of creating a leading global dermatology research institute. Through the discovery of new therapies and treatments it is hoped the Institute can improve care for patients suffering from dermatological conditions and create better training methods.

By applying the latest, most cutting edge technologies and techniques to dermatological clinical trials the Charles Institute will generate new treatments rapidly. Some of the technologies and techniques being applied include, stem cell therapy focusing on regenerative medicine, tissue engineering repair and wound healing and nanobiology that will develop nanomaterials that can deliver drugs and genes.

Having access to the advanced technology and expertise of the Charles Institute means Java is well placed to carry out trials in dermatology.