Java Clinical Research can Provide the Specialist Skills Required in Assessing Platelet Function

Increasingly, higher rates of heart disease in developed nations are leading to a surge in demand for effective heart disease medicines. Of critical importance to the development of these pharmaceuticals is greater ability of pharmaceutical manufacturers in assessing platelet function. As a leading provider of clinical research services Java Clinical is well positioned when it comes to implementing platelet function assays in clinical trials. Using cutting edge research and technology, Java can provide the highest quality services for clinical trials of anti-platelet drugs.

A global authority on platelet function studies, Professor Des Fitzgerald is the founding director of Java Clinical Research. With so much experience in assessing platelet function Java clinical is perfectly suited to carry out clinical trials for the development of anti-platelet and other drugs.

Very specific pharmacodynamic and population response data is required by regulatory authorities in the development of anti-platelet and other drugs. Java Clinical can perform comprehensive platelet function studies to enable trials to generate this data to the relevant regulatory authorities.

With their wide ranging expertise, Java Clinical Research is able to provide services for all aspects of platelet function assay. Everything from study design to implementation and on to data interpretation can be provided in assessing platelet function for clinical trials..

Troubleshooting of the processes for assessing platelet function is one of the more specific roles Java Clinical can fill. Further customization of the platelet function testing process can also be provided. These specific services enable Java to discern the most appropriate conditions for particular agents used for assessing platelet function.

As well as providing direct trial procedure services Java can oversee training and quality control procedures at phase I – phase III sites. With these elements in place clients can be sure that studies provide the highest quality of data possible.

The training and quality control services provided by Java have the further benefit of greater reliability of data collected. Because assessing platelet function requires such a high degree of specialisation there can often be a drop in data quality in both single and multi centre trials because the majority of sites simply do not have the degree of specialisation required for accurate platelet function assessments.

To avail of Java Clinical Research’s specialist services for platelet function assay visit the Java website at or call on +353 1 6373903.