Java’s Research and Development Programme

Isolating PRP, r&dIn addition to our client work, Java Clinical has an ongoing laboratory Research and Development (R&D) programme. Working with clinicians in St Vincent’s University Hospital, we are looking for novel, useful biomarkers in samples from patients with various forms of cardiovascular disease. Our aim is to develop assays enabling personalised medicine in clinical trials and wider clinical use. We are testing samples from patients with stable coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, a history of acute coronary syndromes, bleeding, and others.

Using standardised in-house methods for sample processing and proteomic analysis, we are testing samples for potential biomarkers of cardiovascular disease present in platelets. In preliminary work this approach showed differences between different patient groups, and suggested the existence of additional patient subgroups. In ongoing work, we are further refining the methods we use to improve the information we can get from each sample.
Pipetting in the lab, r&d

In our current research and development clinical phase, we are obtaining samples from larger and more diverse patient groups to gain more information on how the assay may perform in the clinic.

We believe that this biomarker discovery programme has a lot of potential:

  • to aid in the diagnosis of patients with cardiovascular disease
  • to assess the severity of platelet disease and help guide treatment
  • to identify patients at most risk of acute cardiovascular events and allocate treatment more efficiently
  • in clinical trials, to identify subsets of patients that will respond differently to treatment
  • to enable personalised medicine, linking patient phenotypes to drug responses.

Our R&D programme is funded by Java Clinical, with support from Enterprise Ireland, and R&D Tax Credits from the Irish Government. In addition, the Irish Research Council supported Java Clinical Scientist Bríd Holohan to study for an M.Sc. under an Employment Based Postgraduate Scholarship.