Principles of platelet aggregation for clinical trials

Light transmission aggregation remains the gold standard for assessing platelet function in clinical trials. Java has considerable experience in this area, and have worked with clients to customise the assay to address questions of interest (e.g., is an antiplatelet drug causing adequate inhibition, is a drug affecting platelets as a side-effect). Furthermore, aggregation may be used at any stage of clinical development, in preclinical (in vitro testing) through phases I, II and III. Platelet aggregation assay

The assay can be set up at any clinical trial site, and any laboratory staff (or even staff with no previous laboratory experience) trained to perform the assay to required standards. Other assays claim to measure platelet function at point-of-care, but none are as consistent, flexible or informative as platelet aggregation.

We have outlined the principles of how aggregation works (pdf), or you can contact us for more detail on how Java Clinical Research can help to implement platelet aggregation assays in a clinical study.