A High Prevalence of Cystic Fibrosis Makes Ireland a Prime site for Clinical Trials.

Of all the countries in the world the one with the highest rate of cystic fibrosis is Ireland. Almost 3 in every 10,000 people in Ireland suffer from cystic fibrosis and as many as one in every nineteen people in Ireland is a carrier. This is thought to be the highest carrier rate in the world.The incidence of cystic fibrosis in Ireland is almost four times as high as the average rate in Europe and the United States.

All of this means that cystic fibrosis presents a particularly important area of medical investigation in Ireland. It also makes Ireland an important place for cystic fibrosis research. This is why Java Clinical Research has developed a specialist interest in cystic fibrosis research.

Such a large patient population has allowed Java Clinical Research to gain comprehensive experience conducting clinical trials for cystic fibrosis in Ireland .

In collaboration with the primary investigators of cystic fibrosis in Ireland, Java Clinical Research has been able to develop strong working relationships with all of the Specialist Units for cystic fibrosis in Ireland. These relationships are crucial to enable Java Clinical Research to meet recruitment targets and subsequently achieve specified timeline goals. This has meant that Java has been able to successfully carry out a number of studies in both pediatric and adult cystic fibrosis patient populations in Ireland.

Outside of Ireland, Europe also sees one of the highest rates of cystic fibrosis in the world. One in 25 people of European descent carries an allele for cystic fibrosis.. Being most prevalent amongst Caucasians of European descent means a number of sites throughout Europe offer suitable clinical sites in cystic fibrosis study.

Recognising this, Java Clinical Research has developed close connections with European leaders in cystic fibrosis study in the UK and in Germany. Through site feasibility assessments in these locations Java has been able to build up a substantial database for suitable cystic fibrosis study sites both within and outside of Ireland.

All of this means that Java Clinical Research is perfectly positioned to provide services to anyone considering conducting a cystic fibrosis trial.