Training and Quality Control

Training and Quality Control of Platelet Function Assays in Clinical Trials

As platelet function tests are quite specialized, most trial sites are not familiar with these assays. As a result, data quality may suffer in single or multi-centre trials.

Our extensive training and quality control services offer more reliable platelet function data. These services include:

  • Study management, ensuring that client and site personnel understand the factors critical to the success of platelet aggregation studies.
  • Expert training of site personnel and validation of operators before patient recruitment.
  • Preparation of user-friendly site training manuals and daily checklists for assay operators.
  • Expert, independent review of platelet function data to ensure the validity of results and to confirm uniform quality standards
  • Specification of required corrective action when quality issues are identified
  • Assay data management
  • Identification of unexpected platelet responses due to drug interactions or during shoulder periods of drug concentration.
  • Provision of ongoing expert technical support by the Java Senior Scientist to site personnel.

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