At Java Clinical Research Ltd we recognise the Industry’s ability to discover and develop new products has been diminished by the prevalence of complexity.

Through our long standing partner alliances Java can provide cost-effective turnkey, specialist clinical trial solutions. Our established partnerships can fuel scientific discovery leading to faster advancement of knowledge and smooth the transition from research to commercialisation.

EASY-GROUPEASY-Group, partner

The EASY-Group is a network of CROs that work together to conduct international clinical trials effectively and efficiently, with local expertise in every country. Read more…

BIO/DATA CORPORATIONBio/Data Corporation, partner

Java collaborates with Bio/Data Corporation supporting physicians, scientists, medical technologists and technicians in laboratories around the world who work to develop groundbreaking products that lead to a better understanding of hemostasis, thrombosis, and platelet function.
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UCD CONWAYUCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research, partner

UCD Conway Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre exploring fundamental mechanisms of chronic disease for novel diagnostic & therapeutic solutions. Read more…



DABL HEALTHDabl Health, partner

24-hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) is increasingly used in clinical research to assess anti-hypertensive drug efficacy and to evaluate the off-target blood pressure effects of non cardiovascular drugs.
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