Optimum patient populations for cystic fibrosis research

The highest incidence of cystic fibrosis occurs amongst persons of European decent. With 4% of ethnically European people carrying at least one allele for the condition the United States and the EU have the highest rates in the world. As a result the majority of research into the condition occurs within Europe and the Unites States as researchers there have access to significant populations.

Ireland in particular is an important country for CF investigations. Ireland has the largest number of cystic fibrosis sufferers per capita in the world with three in every ten thousand people in the country diagnosed with the condition. It is estimated that one in nineteen Irish people is a carrier for the gene. This is also thought to be the highest rate in the world.

Based in Ireland, Java Clinical Research has developed a special interest in the field of cystic fibrosis. With large patient populations to work with it places Java in a prime position to conduct CF research. It has also lead to Java developing substantial expertise and experience in the area of CF research.

Through close working relationships with key Irish researchers in the field Java has developed strong connections with the wider research community and in particular the specialist CF research units around Ireland.

All of this means that Java has access to significant resources and large patient populations to ensure study recruitment targets are met with ease and timeline targets are achieved consistently. Numerous successful studies have been carried out by Java on both adult and paediatric patient populations.

In instances where broader patient populations are required Java is equally well prepared. Over time Java CR has worked hard to establish strong working relationships with other CF research centres around Europe. Other leading research centres in Germany and the UK work with Java to provide local patient populations. Site feasibility assessments carried out in these locations have enabled Java to build up a large database of sites inside and outside of Ireland that are suitable for cystic fibrosis studies.

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