Java Clinical Research Provides World Class Expertise in Platelet Function Assay Development

Across the world rising levels of heart disease are resulting in higher demand for effective pharmacological treatments. This in turn leads to a greater requirement for comprehensive platelet function assays. Java Clinical Research is well positioned to implement cutting edge assays in clinical trials for development of antiplatelet and other drugs.

The founding director of Java Clinical Research is Professor Des Fitzgerald. He is a world-wide authority on the topic of platelet function testing. His substantial experience in drug development ideally positions Java Clinical Research to provide expertise in platelet function assays.

The development of antiplatelet and similar drugs typically requires evaluation of population responses and pharmacodynamic data. This can be supplied to the relevant regulatory authorities through comprehensive studies.

Java Clinical Research provides services across the entire development process. They provide design, implementation and interpretation services for the clinical trials that require the use of a platelet function assay.

Some of the specific services Java can provide in these roles include customization and troubleshooting of a specific assay to establish the most appropriate conditions for particular studies.

Java CR implements training and quality control procedures that will maximise the quality of the data obtained through the study as well as determining the most appropriate assays to be used such as flow cytometry, light transmission aggregation or PFA-100.

Java CR will also provide expert consultancy on the significance of platelet function data in drug development and provide analysis and interpretation of results.

Java’s extensive training and quality control services means they can offer higher levels of reliability for data. The high degree of specialisation required for platelet function assays means that data quality may suffer in single or multi centre trials. This is because most trial sites do not have the necessary specialised assay experience. Java will train sites worldwide in the correct performance of the preferred platelet function assay, and offers a review service to ensure that only reliable, high-quality data is used in downstream analyses.

To find out more about the drug development services available from Java Clinical Research throughout Europe or call on +353 1 6373903.