Java CR’s broad range of expertise makes them ideally suited for European clinical trials

Java clinical research is a leading provider of European clinical trials. By employing the most advanced technologies and the latest findings in assay development Java ensures that every trial is carried out to the highest possible standards.

Java holds specialist interests in a number of areas where there is large scope across Europe for clinical trial development. One such area is in cystic fibrosis. With Ireland having the highest rates of cystic fibrosis in the world Java is ideally placed to work with cystic fibrosis patient populations.

As cystic fibrosis affects Europeans more than any other group globally it is clearly an important field of study in Europe. Java not only works closely with cystic fibrosis specialists in Ireland but also around Europe, having access to patient populations in Germany and the UK.

Platelet function studies are another area of specialist interest for Java Clinical research. Professor Des Fitzgerald is the founding director of Java CR. He is also a renowned authority on platelet function studies. This specialist interest extends to many areas of blood function and relates to the very serious issues of heart disease that, while increasing at a lower rate, are still increasing across Europe.

Java CR also has the capacity to assist European clinical trials with adherence to the EU trials Directive 2001/20/EC. The directive has a number of consequences for organisations carrying out certain types of trials. One of the requirements is that a sponsor be appointed to trials. Java can carry out many of the sponsor’s roles in coordination with the sponsor. The directive can add to the already significant administrative burden of a trial. Java can take care of much of the paperwork and administration involved.

Primarily it is Java CR’s pharmacological and pharmacokinetic expertise that makes them ideal clinical trial partners as well as their substantial experience in trial design.

Some of the other services that Java CR is capable of providing include specialist training for study teams and the ability to deploy necessary technology at study sites. They can also combine traditional recruitment techniques with internet based methods that employ social media to ensure the best patient populations for clinical trials in Europe.