With expert knowledge Java Clinical Research ensures the success of platelet function assays

Ensuring assays are carried out under expert supervision, by appropriately trained staff and in fully equipped facilities is vital to the success of every clinical trial. Due to the highly specialised nature of platelet function assays the majority of trial sites are unfamiliar with these types of assay. Carrying out trials at an unprepared trial site may cause the quality of the data gathered from such a trial to suffer.

Java Clinical Research holds a leading position in conducting platelet function assays in clinical trials. The company’s founding director, Professor Des Fitzgerald is a global authority on platelet function. With a significant background in drug development his expertise gives Java CR the edge in this area.

Java CR provides comprehensive training and quality control services that ensure far more reliable platelet function data is gathered from studies.

Java CR provides Study Management as a service to ensure that both the client and on site personnel have the requisite understanding of platelet aggregation studies to produce successful results.

The company also provide daily checklists for assay operators and user-friendly training manuals to ensure smooth operation of clinical trials.

Through expert review of data, Java CR can also identify unexpected platelet responses that may occur due to drug interactions or during shoulder periods of drug concentration. Where issues of quality are identified Java CR specifies appropriate action to correct these issues.

By providing trial sites with independent and expert reviews Java CR ensures results are valid and conform to established standards of quality. Site personnel are also given expert training and operators are validated before patients are recruited for platelet function assays.

By providing these services and more to trial sites Java Clinical Research ensures that data gathered from assays are of the highest quality, that trials are run to specification and kept on schedule.

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