Dr Orina Belton

Dr Orina Belton

Dr Orina Belton is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology in the School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science at University College Dublin.Orina Belton

Dr Belton’s research interests are in the development and regression of atherosclerosis and the interaction of inflammatory cells with the cardiovascular system.
She uses techniques including immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, intravital microscopy and transcriptional analysis to explore networks and pathways critical to the progression of atherosclerosis, and to develop treatments to modulate this disease.
Dr Belton has worked with Java on the development of methods for the analysis of primary human inflammatory cells in clinical settings.

Key Publications

Marcantoni, E., Dovizio, M., Peadar, O., Di Francesco, L., Bendaya, I., Schiavone, S., … & Belton, O. (2015). Dysregulation of gene expression in human fetal endothelial cells from gestational diabetes in response to TGF-β1.  | Pubmed |

de Gaetano, M., Alghamdi, K., Marcone, S., & Belton, O. (2015). Conjugated linoleic acid induces an atheroprotective macrophage MΦ2 phenotype and limits foam cell formation. Journal of Inflammation, 12(1), 15.  | Pubmed |

de Gaetano, M., Dempsey, E., Marcone, S., James, W. G., & Belton, O. (2013). Conjugated Linoleic Acid Targets β2 Integrin Expression To Suppress Monocyte Adhesion. The Journal of Immunology, 191(8), 4326-4336.  | Pubmed |

McCarthy, C., Lieggi, N. T., Barry, D., Mooney, D., de Gaetano, M., James, W. G., … & Belton, O. (2013). Macrophage PPAR gamma Co‐activator‐1 alpha participates in repressing foam cell formation and atherosclerosis in response to conjugated linoleic acid. EMBO Molecular Medicine, 5(9), 1443-1457.  | Pubmed |

McCarthy, C., Duffy, M. M., Mooney, D., James, W. G., Griffin, M. D., Fitzgerald, D. J., & Belton, O. (2013). IL-10 mediates the immunoregulatory response in conjugated linoleic acid-induced regression of atherosclerosis. The FASEB Journal, 27(2), 499-510.  | Pubmed |