Dr Alfonso Blanco

Dr Alfonso Blanco

Alfonso Blanco Dr Alfonso Blanco is the Director of the UCD Conway Institute Flow Cytometry Core Facility.
Dr Blanco has developed the Core Facility as a reference site for flow cytometry in Ireland and Europe and is a recognised expert in theory and practice of flow cytometry, development and troubleshooting of complex targeted assays, operator training, and instrumentation, with the Core Facility acting as a beta test site for several instrumentation companies. He is European Distributor of ExCyte. He is an invaluable resource to users including researchers, commercial groups and clinicians, helping them develop methods including multi-colour analysis, cell sorting and clinical analysis, applied to areas such as cancer, stem cells, apoptosis, viability, cell cycle, calcium flux, transfection, bionanoparticles, and immunology. Dr Blanco works with Java Clinical on the development, implementation and analysis of flow cytometry and related assays.

Key Publications

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