International Clinical Trials Day


In acknowledgment of international Clinical Trials Day on May 20, Java Clinical Research reflects on our 15 years of operation and how the landscape has changed considerably, and also how we have embraced the current technological advances in the drug development process.  The introduction of European Clinical Trial legislation in 2004 , global recession in 2008 and the ongoing patent cliff crises within the pharmaceutical industry along with the recent global focus on personalised medicine are a few of the key factors that have shaped the Industry in the last decade.

In Ireland the significant investment by the Irish Government over the last ten years, towards the establishment of a world‐class research infrastructure has included the creation of dedicated Clinical Research Centres (CRCs) in the main Irish teaching hospitals. These high quality facilities, coupled with investment and training of clinical research personnel has enabled the team at Java to efficiently manage and monitor clinical research programmes across a wide range of endeavours.

Advances in analytical technology offer Java the benefit of operating in a dynamic clinical research environment.  We now work closely with researchers in the CRCs and associated hospitals and universities in Ireland who are engaged in novel translational and biomedical engineering research in areas including vascular biology, respiratory medicine, infection and immunity, metabolic diseases, neuropsychiatry and dermatology.  In collaboration with the leading Universities in Ireland, Javas’ customised assay development service helps clients better assess drug effects in early stage clinical studies, using modern laboratory approaches to obtain more information from earlier smaller clinical trials.  Potential applications include:

  •  Flow cytometry measure multiple cellular markers of drug response.
  • RNA sequencing to measure effects of drug treatment on gene expressions. Proteomic analysis to quantify thousands of proteins in a cell compartment or organelle of interest.

Java’s approach is taking the best practice in these methods and streamline the procedures for compatibility within the clinical trial setting. As clinical studies have become more complex, innovation and collaboration is critical between pharma ,academia and the CRO industry and is shaping the future model for clinical research The ultimate objective is as always, for clinical researchers to work together in multi-disciplinary manner translating scientific advances in the laboratory into better outcomes for patients .