Incorporating high technology assay development into clinical research is an important ability for a CRO

Java Clinical Research combines clinical trial experience and expertise with state of the art technological developments to offer high technology assay development that provides the most accurate data possible from clinical trials.

The assays used in clinical trials do not change that often and with good reason. Standardisation of procedures leads to greater efficiency and clearer communication between bodies. However it can sometimes inhibit innovation where standardised procedures are not able to take account of newly developed technologies.

Ensuring that assays are carried out to make use of the latest developments requires the expertise and knowledge of a contract research organisation that can keep up to date with the latest technological developments and integrate those developments into standard development procedure.

Java CR is such a company and has partnered with a number of research groups, working together on high technology assay development to offer their clients many different assay types that incorporate cutting edge procedures for use in studies and trials.

Some of the high technology techniques the company offers include genomic analysis such as SNP detection and discovery, as well as genome sequencing and other sequencing. Proteomic analysis of any specimen such as tissues, cells, fluids and proteins complexes can be carried out. These analyses may be taken from human, animal or in vitro samples using a variety of techniques including simple LC, Mudpit, quantative proteomics, SRM, MRM and others. The mass spectrometry instruments available include ion-trap, triple-quad, qTOF, Orbitrap and MALDI.

Flow cytometry for cell typing, measurement of cell activation and cell cycle analysis can all be carried out as well as biochemical analysis of a variety of analytes. Java CR’s processes can also incorporate imaging services such as confocal, fluorescent , live cell and electron microscopy. Java CR’s capabilities include specialist cell cultures like primary cell growth and transmigration analysis.

Transcriptional analysis of mRNA by Affymetrix array, RNA sequencing and quantitative PCR are some of the other procedures Java Clinical Research have experience in implementing in a clinical trial.

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