BioConnect Ireland Networking Event – 14th April

Networking Event: Consumer genomics: Tell me about me
Venue: Davenport Hotel, Dublin – Tuesday April 14th, 2015

Genomics is the study of genes and the totality of their interactions and functions. The rapid expansion of information on individual genes and their role has created significant new knowledge which is being applied for many purposes. For most of these applications the genetic information is supplied to professionals in healthcare testing, forensic and legal applications etc. However, there is also a developing market for supply of genetic information and analysis directly to consumers. Existing services include fitness, paternity testing, and tracing ancestry. However, many other opportunities are likely to be offered in the future. This meeting will review some of these opportunities and hear from companies and researchers involved. It will also hear about a review of consumer reactions to some existing areas of consumer genetic testing.

2.30 Registration
3.00 Welcome and introduction

• Making your genes count: the importance of providing actionable information in consumer genomics
Dr Samantha Decombel
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
• Personalised nutrition – the food4me project
Dr Marianne Walsh
Project manager of Food4Me (www., University College, Dublin.
• Trainspotters on Fishing Trips? Early Adopters’ Experiences of Consumer Genetics
Dr Teresa Finlay
Cardiff Centre for Ethical and Social Aspects of Genomics and Epigenetics (Cesagene)
4.30 Open Mike Session (3-minute presentations)
4.45 Q&A
5.00 Network Reception
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